Upcoming concerts:

Coming soon: three works of mine will be performed on November 4th, 2019 at Jiyuugakuen Myounichikan-Koudou in Tokyo, Japan.   “Lear Meditation 2: Into the Storm” for two pianos (new edition, completed January 2019) will have its Japan premiere by pianists, Kazuhiro Miura and his wife, Mayumi Miura.  Kazuhiro Miura will give his second performance of “Lear Meditation 1” for solo piano (completed June 2015) as well as the Japan premiere of the second movement of my “Sonata” for piano solo, which was written in 1999 and revised in 2010.  Come if you can.

Haiku Songs of Karigane

Announcing the release of Haiku Songs of Karigane:  Here, below, is a Youtube link to the fourth song of this five-song work.  The song cycle is written for soprano and piano, and was released on the Navona Records label on October 14, 2016.  It is the first work on an album titled, Cadence: New Works for Voices in Verse.  For this recording the performers are Jennifer Bird, soprano and Mutsumi Moteki, piano.

By using this website’s Compositions tab, you may listen to an excellent, live performance of the complete Haiku Songs of Karigane as presented in September 2006 by MeeAe Cecilia Nam, soprano and Mutsumi Moteki, piano.  There, you will also find English translations of the five Japanese haiku.

Leaves falling from the Holy Tree

I am happy to announce the rerelease of my work for large orchestra, Leaves falling from the Holy Tree.  It appears on the Navona Records CD NV5969 titled Luminescence, which it shares with the excellent works of five other composers.  For this CD, released 9 September 2014, my piece has been remastered and edited.

(The first excerpt in this Youtube montage is the opening 2 minutes 25 seconds of Leaves falling from the Holy Tree. The piece has a total duration of 12 minutes 30 seconds.)

For more information and to listen to the complete work, please refer to the “Compositions” tab, click on the arrow, then click on the “Orchestral” arrow and select the work.