I Yell, the Mountains Echo, the Stars are Quiet (soprano, Pierrot ensemble and percussion)

I Yell, the Mountains Echo, the Stars are Quiet (completed January 2001).  For soprano, Pierrot ensemble and percussion.  Scored for voice, piccolo/flute, clarinet/bass clarinet, violin, cello, percussion, and piano.  Haiku by Mark Kirtley.  Performed May 7, 2002 in Grant Recital Hall, University of Missouri-Kansas City by the UMKC Musica Nova Ensemble with Melanie Snell, soprano and Leandro Espinosa, conductor.  Performed August 10, 2001 in Harris Concert Hall at the Aspen Music Festival, with Zorana Sadiq, soprano and Sydney Hodkinson, conductor.  Premiered February 16, 2001 in Grusin Music Hall at the University of Colorado at Boulder with Kathye Boline, soprano and Richard Niezen, conductor. (ca. 8 min.)

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