Rocks floating in air

Myth (bass clarinet and cello)

(completed January, 2003).  For bass clarinet and cello. Performed August 14, 2003 at BMOCA (Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art) in Boulder, CO, and August 17, 2003 at The Fuller Lodge in Los Alamos, NM and May 24, 2004 in Rotterdam, Netherlands all by the duo, ClariCello, comprised of Jason Gresl, bass clarinet, and Lara Turner, cello.  (ca. 7.5 min.)

Myth is a celebration of American Indian myths, those imaginative and vital stories that sprang from a great respect for and an intimate connection to the natural world.  With two instruments, bass clarinet and cello, and a musical language arising from birdsong and the composer’s love of wilderness and myth, this piece weaves a wordless narrative, part myth part mist.